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Mandy and Desmond took a break after 3 hours.
Mandy grabbed one of the ice-packs and pressed it hard on her forehead. She felt the thumping pain fading a bit. Desmond stretched for a while before lunchtime.
Mandy felt a bit uneasy in the back of her head..especially after all the years of memories they had to relieve together.
She didn't understand why her ancestor chose Desmond's ancestor as friend in bed...but, it made sense, somehow.
Her ancestor spent almost nine years fighting,assassinating and plotting against the Templars and felt like her heart and all things attached were numb..she thought she wouldn't be able to like or love someone else after the death of her fiancè...she felt pain in her chest every single time someone wanted to share some bedtime with her..her body ran cold and those beloved memories stabbed her mind like hiddenblades. She turned down everyone, even Ezio.
Then, years and lots of girltalk with Teodora later, she overcame her block and a lot of things happened.
Fighting Templars, recovering another Piece of Eden (she named them "Pieces of Crap" in her head..seriously, that crap wasn't worthy all the blood shed), watching a clumsy boy grow up into a capable Assassin...just the tip of the iceberg.

Then, Lucy suggested a little test to verify the skills they acquired from their ancestors.
Mandy pondered the location.
"I think I'll wait here."she said, sitting on a crate.
"Wait there, Mommy while I have fun up here." Desmond said.
"Hope you smash your loins on a ironbar." Mandy roared.
"Not until you'll get over with your hormone imbalance."he replied laughing.
Mandy pouted.
Helen put on her pondering face.
"This will be extremely fun!"she said, rubbing her hands."Come on, Des boy, slip and fall on a nice iron bar. Slip and fall already!"
"Chill out, harpy" Mandy muttered.
Lucy turned to her handing her few knives.
"Since you can't climb up or strain your body, try with these."
"Ok, but I can't promise."she replied.
She threw them and got all the targets, a wooden beam, a bottle, an empty can...perfect score.
"Well, you've got a very good aim, indeed."she said.
"Thank you. Now I can fight from distance. Awesome!"Mandy replied."And you can kiss my hormone imbalanced ass, Des boy!!"she shouted to him.
"Don't count on that." Desmond replied laughing.
Lucy left her some knives that she put on the bedtable right next to her side. She hid one under her pillow. She didn't say a thing about her good aim..she was trained and she already had it, since her teens.
She drew a bit before resuming the Animus session. Mostly landscapes and unicorns.
Her head recovered slowly, but she felt the urge to keep her guard up and tight.

Animus time, again.
This time was Amelia's grief time, again.
She received a letter from her was the kind you send to your beloved ones knowing you're going to die in a short while. That strained her mother's mind and gave her something else to think about while sparring with Mario's mercenaries.
After their journey from Firenze to Forlì and Venezia they were back in Monteriggioni again.
Amelia was extremely interested in Leonardo's paintings and Mandy understood that. I mean, who wouldn't? Amelia liked the Lady with an Ermine the most. She liked how he caught her fainting cheered her up somehow, especially during troubled times. Of course, to obliterate the assassinations' aftermaths,Ezio was there..always happy to help.
And some of the mercenaries, well one of them, a youngster named Teo.
Mandy couldn't stand Ezio. He had most of the things she hated in a man...she just couldn't stand him. She would have whacked his face with her sledgehammer. Or maybe the halberd...that one could be just fine..

Mandy was stretching her legs, pacing slowly, when her vision blacked out and she stood suddenly in the village at the doorstep of Masyaf fortress. She had tightened her grip over the handrail. "Not again.."she whispered "It's not real...not real..".
Lucy found her leaning heavily against the handrail, gripping it as it was a lifeline.
Mandy didn't dare to move. It seemed so felt so real..but she knew it wasn't.
Sometimes her body moved on its own and she found herself in a different place.
When Lucy called her, the memory flickered and she saw her concerned face.
Mandy breathed out, slowly. /Calm down, calm down. Hysterics not good for the baby/
"Are you ok?" Lucy asked.
"I'm fine for now. I hate the bleeding effect."she spat, walking back towards the bed."Almost a month since I saw dead people and strange landscapes crowding around me."

Mandy took a short nap, interrupted by Rebecca's cursing.
"What's wrong?"she asked Lucy and Rebecca, yawning.
"We'll have to skip a lot of corrupted'll end up years later from the previous session."Rebecca replied, cursing softly.
"That won't be a problem."Mandy replied, stretching her neck.
Mandy and Desmond ended up in 1499, in that big, messy place that was Rome at the time.
They chased old Rodrigo and both almost died.
The papal staff was one of those damned Pieces of Eden and almost obliterated them, but Ezio had the Apple to shield him and Amelia had the tiny chain with few cubelike pendants her father sent her together with his last wasn't as powerful as the Apple, but it allowed her to not be subdued to the Templar's will.
At some point, Amelia was sent flying through the chapel, against the opposite wall.
Ezio woke her up. There was something strange about the staff combined with the Apple.
It glowed a lot. When Ezio touched it, a door opened showing a corridor which led down into the ground. The walls glowed softly when they went past them.
Then, they met a talking painting, or what looked like a talking painting...a woman, dressed in strange clothes, Amelia couldn't explain.
Mandy, Amelia, Desmond and Ezio all listened carefully to the woman who called herself Minerva.
Calamity, death, destruction, massacre...all of them at once..right from the Sun.
That was so ironic, what once gave life would serve death in a matter of months...ah..ah
"Oh my..well, I guess we'll be back right into the frying pan, literally." Helen said.  
"What the fuck?"Desmond snapped.
"My thoughts exactly."Mandy replied, rubbing her eyes while they suspended their current session.
A huge cracking noise and a loud tremor from the building.
"Shit! They've found us." Lucy snapped.
"To be honest, I'm surprised they took so long as they did." Shaun replied packing stuff at light-speed.
"Desmond, you and I will deal with the Templars." Lucy stated "Mandy, stay close to Shaun and Rebecca. You'll be safe, don't worry."
Mandy nodded then she picked up the knives she had on her bedtable and shoved them into her pokets..that would ruin her pants, but she felt safer with a tiny weapon.
She spied Desmond and Lucy's fight from afar while the others loaded the truck, actually she stood right behind a wooden crate, and spotted one of the guards sneaking right on Desmond's back. She didn't even thought about it and the knife went flying right into his shoulder, then Desmond turned and hit him hard on his face, leaving the man limp on the floor.
She heard Vidic's voice and she felt her anger burning inside her stomach.
Trying to suppress the urge to throw all the knives left, her eyes spotted a chainsaw on top of one of the dusty crates.
She pondered the idea for a long while.
"Next time."she whispered."Next time".
"Mandy! What the hell are you doing? Come here!" Shaun whispered.
Mandy rushed to the truck and got on the back, sitting on her Animus.
Helen sat on the far side of the truck, a wild smile on her face.
"This will be one hell of a fun!"she chuckled.
Mandy pressed a hand on her eyes, before tucking her tired body under a warm blanket.


Mandy and Desmond continued their walk through the memories' alley, again.
They followed Amelia and Ezio while they ran away from the Vatican, away from Rome and back to Monteriggioni, riding as fast as they could together with Mario.
Mandy had a fondness for Mario Auditore. He was the kind of man she liked..the kind she'd have followed in battle, fighting until death for him.
Apparently, Amelia felt that way too.
Mandy wondered how much she was influenced by her ancestor's memories and what was genuinely hers.
Amelia knew that Ezio was having fun with Caterina that night but she wasn't bothered at all.
Mandy couldn't understand that. She'd have hit him as hard as she could with a sledgehammer until he was reduced to minced meat.
Amelia felt uneasy, it was a bad feeling she couldn't get rid of.
From her sentry post on the villa's roof she joined Mario on the barracks.
A strong wind was blowing up there.
"Salute Amelia, can't sleep?"he asked her, his eye scouting the surroundings.
"Right. I kept tossing and turning in my bed, so I decided to spend my time in a useful way."she replied, shivering in the cold air.
Mario tossed half of his cape over her shoulders, tucking her close.
"Grazie.(Thanks)I can't rest properly. My guts tell me something is wrong."
"That's very common. We spent the last years fighting endlessly."He replied.
Amelia wanted to add something but she was interrupted by the noise of the chivalry scouts. She spotted tiny red lights not far from the main road to Monteriggioni.
"Sound the alarm!Danger!The Borgias are attacking!!!We're under attack!"they shouted.
The echo of their cries was overwhelmed by explosions.
Amelia and Mario felt the barracks near them trembling and crumbling.
Other deadly shots passed over the defensive walls and devastated the town, spreading fire and death.
"MEN!PREPARE FOR BATTLE!"Mario roared through fire, smoke and blows."FIRE BACK!!"
Amelia used her crossbow until she could, then she killed with her hiddenblades those who tried to get a foot on her ground.
The enemy army kept going, strong in number.
"We must secure our people!" Amelia shouted while fighting."Everyone, full back to the villa!"
"We must find Ezio."Mario said, swirling his sword.
They rushed to the villa and found Ezio fighting with Borgia soldiers who came from a crumbled section of the walls.
"What the hell is going on?"he asked.
"The Borgia's happened."Amelia replied, spitting blood.
"I'll try a frontal attack, you'll have to keep up our defenses as long as you can." Mario stated."Insieme per la vittoria!"
"Insieme!"Ezio and Amelia roared. Amelia placed a kiss on Mario's cheek.
"Come back safely."she whispered.
They went separated ways.
Ezio and Amelia on different sections of the crumbling and ruined walls, fighting as fiercely and wildly as they could. Mario did the same in front of the gate.
A larger explosion sent Amelia flying on a devastated rooftop, her ears were ringing, her arm was numb. She got up on her feet with a great effort, in time to see Mario collapsing in front of the gate.
She saw a young blackhaired man, pointing a rough gun to his head.
She could't hear clearly what he was saying, but she rushed her wounded body to save the person she considered a mentor.
Another rushed pace echoed hers. Ezio was not far from her.
The Borgia boy shot, Ezio was shot at the same time, the roof Amelia was running on broke and she fell down on a pile of debris and rubble.
Amelia woke up in the secret way through the villa's Sanctuary.
Teo was half holding half dragging her through the way.
"Put me down, I can walk!"she spat at some point.
"I thought you were on death's door!"he replied relieved.
"Not yet. Where's Ezio?"she asked.
"Here."Ezio replied, walking beside her. He had bloodstains in three different points of his shirt.
"Is everyone safe?"she asked, trying to get rid of the dust over her hair.
"Most of them are. The mercenaries are still fighting. They'll meet us at the rendezvous point out of here."Teo replied.
"Is our family safe?" she asked him.
"Yes, they are. Madonna Maria and Claudia are with Madonna Buonacaccia a bit ahead of us."
"Thank goodness."Amelia replied.
Amelia and Ezio got out into the open, got horses, then rode on until they both collapsed because of their injuries.
Then they took a break from the Animus.
Mandy was relived she could sleep a little bit more, she fished Arthur from her bag and hugged him close under the blanket.

An abrupt stop of the truck made her jump a bit.

Lucy opened the shutter and Mandy blinked into the artificial light from outside.
She got off the truck right after Desmond and she was amazed.
She was looking at the stairs which led to the ruined and abandoned villa Auditore.
The damage from 500 years before was still there. The small town looked mostly unchanged.
"Does it sound like madness if I say that I feel like I'm back at home?"Mandy asked, breathing in the smell of fresh soil, distant flowers and old stone. So new, yet so familiar.
"Deja-vu."Desmond whispered.
"I bet it is."Lucy said.

They walked their way to Mario's study.
The secret entrance behind the old bookshelves was still locked.
No way they could open it from that side.
Mandy saw something faint and glowing ran right past her.
She heard other footsteps running out the room.
Desmond was already out chasing Ezio's ghost, she followed him rapidly and she saw him jump down the battlement. She bit back a warning cry while leaning over the wall. She sighted relived when she spotted him tangled into the haystack below.
"Don't do that, damn it! I thought you've killed yourself!"she almost yelled.
"Well, sorry, Mommy, but you'll have to endure me for a very long time!"he replied smiling.
"Asshole." Mandy whispered.
Lucy catched up with him into the entrance while Mandy, Rebecca and Shaun waited inside.
There were a lot of debris and fragments on the floor of almost every room in the villa.
Mandy nosed around Mario's study.
At the bottom of the bookshelves there was a pile of debris. Something big peered out. Mandy grabbed it and pulled, raising a cloud of dust.
It was a large, thick book. Some pages were stained and ruined, but most of them were readable.
Mandy placed it on the old desk and opened it.
Shaun got close, interested.
"What have you found?"he asked.
"Looks like this is the purchase ledger of Monteriggioni. But there are also notes at the bottom not related to purchases."
"I wonder who wrote this."Shaun asked.
"Claudia did it."Mandy replied.
"Maybe that'll be useful for my researches..too bad I'm not so fluent in Italian."
Mandy turned a page back and forth before replying.
"Good for you I am."
She noticed his stunned face.
"So what? I'm fluent in florentine dialect, especially the Renaissance one, and in Italian 'cause I wanted to read all the Da Vinci's Codices on my own, without misleading translations."
Shaun stared at her face for a long time, maybe considering what kind of resource she could be.
"You know, I can't decide if you're just a crazy fangirl or a zealous scholar."
Mandy chuckled.
"Thanks, really! I'm not a scholar, I'm just a painter, merely an art student with a big crush for Leonardo." she added smiling dreamily."God, that man is pure genius."
"Yeah, yeah, enough with the fangirlism."
"Funkiller."she spat, reading another page.
After a while, the shelves trembled and slid inside the wall revealing Desmond and Lucy.
"About bloody time!"Shaun spat.
Mandy followed them down the stairs, into the Sanctuary.
She happened to get close to Desmond and she had to pinch her nose, tightly.
"Good Lord of Painters, Desmond! You stink so much I can throw up my sweet sixteen's birthday cake!"Mandy shouted while fishing a kleenex from her pocket and pressing it over her nose.  
"She's right. You smell like you swam through a sewer."Shaun added, his face grimaced.
"That was Lucy's idea."Desmond replied.
Mandy fished a can of deodorant and sprinkled it all over Desmond until he reeked of fresh pine aroma.
"Can you stop it?"he almost yelled, coughing and inhaling more perfume.
Mandy smelled him without the kleenex on her face.
"Done!"Mandy claimed.
She put back her deodorant and watched carefully the statues around there. She got close to the one of Altair.
"Hi again! Did you miss me?"she asked to the old stone which, of course, stayed silent.  
Mandy turned to the others to say something when she noticed Amelia near the wall, not far from the stairs.
She touched particular bricks before disappearing.
"Wait!"Mandy almost yelled.
"What's up?"Rebecca asked.
Mandy was on the same spot she saw her ancestor disappear.
She touched the wall and she saw her again, hitting just some bricks.
"I'm not sure, but there might be something here."she replied knocking the wall.
She touched again the spot, her ancestor appeared again. She observed carefully.
"Ok, I think it's this way."she muttered,pressing different bricks.
Nothing happened for a couple of seconds, then they heard a trembling sound followed by what seemed like moving gears.
A stony trunk slid out the wall. The lid opened with a loud crack.
Amanda opened it and found something wrapped into a linen blanket.
She unwrapped it and took it out, stunned.
She was holding an Assassin robe.
"Whoa." she scanned it, then she smelled it. "It smells of Renaissance." She couldn't help but smiling and giggling wildly.
Under that there were two boxes, one a bit larger than the other.
In the larger one, she found her ancestor's hiddenblades and there was a scroll all wrapped up tightly. She unwrapped it and studied it for a while.
"Hey, Shaun! You said you don't know where all the pages of Altair's codex are, right?"
"Correct. Why are you asking this?" he asked back.
"Because I have one in my hand, right now."
"What?"he rushed closer to get a glimpse of the page. It was the one who explained how to build a hiddenblade."You gotta be kidding me!"he replied stunned.
"Ahah. Finders keepers!"Mandy chuckled, keeping the page out of reach.
Shaun made huge puppy eyes.
"Only if you ask nicely!"she added jokingly.
"Ibegyoupleaseletmegetaglimpseofthatpage."he mumbled.
Mandy handed it to him, warning him to put it into its container right after reading.  
In the smaller box she found her ancestor's journal.
When she opened it a sealed envelope fell out.
Mandy turned it and she carefully kept the wax seal with the Assassin's crest in one piece.
She began the reading and she snapped. "You gotta be kidding me!"
"What is it?" Desmond asked.
"This letter. I mean, you saw me opening this secret box just now, do you? Then, why is this letter addressed to me?"she stated in shock."Here, listen up. I'll try to translate it."

"To my dear granddaughter Amanda, I hope you'll find this chest I hid, which is meant to be found only by people who possess my blood. The Apple showed me a lot of strange things about you and your strange time..I can't say more in case this letter is found by others... you'll have to face many perils so I prepared these weapons to help you and a book with my little knowledge which will probably be useful.
I'm not excessively worried because you'll have someone of Ezio's bloodline to watch your back. I've put into this chest something for him too.
Whatever happens, stay strong and don't give up.
Endless love,
your great-grandmother Amelia Buonacaccia."

Mandy looked at the others shocked. Her throat was so thight.
"She knew about the Templars' problem we're facing." Lucy stated glancing at the letter she couldn't read.
Mandy dug a bit more inside the chest and found another codex page (this one was about how to build a gun-blade), a stack of envelopes tied together with red ribbon, another robe which looked (and smelled) like Ezio's, a tiny box full of ammo for the handgun, and two bottles, one large and short, the other slim and tall.
The bigger one was full of Belladonna's essence while the thinner one contained the antidote. Apparently, the Borgias weren't the only ones skilled with poisons and potions. Mandy fought the urge to test it on Shaun and kept it in its box. She tried to assembly the gun using her ancestor's journal and the codex page.
When she completed it, she tied them both onto her forearms.
"I don't think those will work after spending 500 years down here to rust."Shaun stated.
Mandy aimed his direction and the shot thundered in the dungeon.
Shaun's plastic teacup was in pieces.
"Wow, 500 years and still works..awesome!"Mandy replied smiling.
The baby kicked a couple of times.
"Ouch! Sorry kid, I won't have fun for a bit."Mandy whispered, patting her belly.
Hello, not dead yet!
Next (still incomplete, I know T_T) part of the huge what if about alternative!15 dealing with the bleeding effect and the Assassins/templars struggle...who knows what will happen to Mandy's mind..will she survive Helen's thirst for blood?
Stay tuned!
EDIT 1: If I made mistakes, note me..........A lot of sleep is needed...right now
EDIT 2: need more sleep, if I made mistakes don't hate me I didn't do a double check....T_T Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!
EDIT 3: I think I kinda overdid it O_o..Next time I'll try to be shorter, promise!!


AC universe (Ubisoft)
Mandy&Helen Parkers me
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